Diving into the world of digital history can, and will be frustrating. We have many projects this quarter to help you learn the mechanics as well as understand the philosophical, theoretical, and applicable lessons to understanding and creating digital history: The past at your fingertips. This chart, as well as the calendar on the home (Syllabus) page will help you keep track of your assignments. Please explore the links on this website, as there are many helpful tools, tips, and explanations that may help you tie digital history and public history together.

Your grade will be reduced if you hand work in late without permission. It is especially important to have collaborative work done on time so that it does not affect your classmates.

Week Date Blog Blog Comments General Assignments Collaborative Writing Spreadsheet Omeka Exhibit
1 Apr. 5 join blog - DL software for course - - -
2 Apr. 12 Blog #1 due Blog Resp. - Ponder Wiki Topic - Think about exhibit topics
3 Apr. 19 Blog #2 due Blog Resp. - 1,000 word wiki due Pushed back to next week - narrow down exhibit topics
4 Apr. 26 Blog #3 due Blog Resp. - 1,000 word Wiki Due Timeline work, should have at least five done to keep pace Research
5 May 3 Blog #4 due Blog Resp. - Wiki Step 1 - continue research
6 May 10 Blog #5 due Blog Resp. - Wiki Step 2 - research
7 May 17 Blog #6 due Blog Resp. - Wiki Step 3 Timeline work, should have ten entries to keep pace Start building exhibit
8 May 24 Blog #7 due Blog Resp. - Wiki Step 4 - Continue work
9 May 31 Blog #8 due Blog Resp. - Wiki Step 5 Timeline fifteen entries due Continue work
10 June 7 - - - - - Should be near completion of exhibit; Presentations due this week
11 June 14 - - - - Exhibite Due
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