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Many times, writing for the web is a collaborative process, where pages are constantly updated, revised, and enhanced. This assignment will introduce you to collaborative writing and enhancing and improving historical writing and scholarship.

Step One:

* Write a 1,000 word essay on your Masters Project or a topic you are interested in, so that the research you do here will benefit you in the future. Next and post it to the wiki (The Page you Create under your name in the wiki section). Cite whatever sources you used to gather the information. Make the text as informative and readable as you can. Use the wiki command "module Comments" inside double square brackets at the bottom of your essay (looks like this [[Module Comments]]).

Step Two:

* Enhance the essay assigned to you. Look for sections that might be expanded, clarify sections that are confusing or unclear, add background information or meaning of the event if not clear from the essay. Comment on what you did to the article.

Step Three:

* Add links to the essay assigned to you. Look for substantive websites that can add depth and background to the essay. Look for relevant images to add to the essay,making sure that you credit the source of the images and make certain that you are making fair use of them. Comment on what you did to the article.

Step Four:

* Spend some time with the essay assigned to you to improve the writing style. Again, consult any writing for the web guide for tips and examples. Comment what you did to the article.

Step Five:

* Fact-check your original essay. Check dates, spellings of names, interpretations, captions, and citations to make sure that everything is complete and accurate. Change things that you believe make the essay worse or confusing. //Comment on the process, what you think worked and what didn't? Have you learned something about how to improve your writing by looking at what people have done to it? Have you learned something about how to improve your writing by editing the work of others?

Collaborative Wiki Schedule

Wiki to Work on Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5
Michael's Masterpiece Michael Bria Nora David Michael
John's Gospel John Michael Bria Nora John
David's Manifesto David John Michael Bria David
Nora's Memoirs Nora David John Michael Nora
Bria's Brain-Buster Bria Nora David John Bria
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